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We are excited to say that we are starting to bring in small amounts of stock to the shop!

Our new stock

As you may, or may not know, The Earth Repair Shop is not run for profit and we rely on grants and funding as our main source of keeping our shop, campaigns and projects going. We recently made the decision to take on a small amount of selective eco-conscious stock to help us continue to carry out the work we do.

What do we sell?

We are proud to be stockists of Waterhaul litter picking equipment! The bag hoops and folding litter pickers are all made from 100% recycled fishing gear that has been saved from oceans and beaches. These items make beach cleans and street picks so much easier and would go a long way to helping you reach your Pledge for the Planet 'Litter Picker Hero' badge.

Waterhaul pickers and hoops

Abandoned or lost netting, hooks, lines etc, also known as 'ghost gear' is a huge threat to our marine wildlife, with many mammals and fish becoming entangled and sadly losing their lives to the debris. Waterhaul have turned them into something innovative to help fight the ocean pollution problem.

They are being sold at £12 each in the shop during opening hours, but you can also send us an order request via email and come and pick up from the shop.

The Koala and the Bushfire by Lorraine & Jessica Miller

We are also selling a beautifully illustrated and written book, The Zookeeper's Quest: The Koala and the Bushfire by Lorraine and Jessica Miller. Following the plight of the koala in the recent Australia bush fires, this poignant children's book seeks to shed light on the importance of slowing the affects of climate change. Each copy selling for £8.50

We also have some exciting ventures on our radar, where we will be collaborating with and supporting local green businesses. So watch this space!

If you're a sustainable business who is keen to advertise their wares and green credentials, then why not drop us a message to discuss a collaboration with The Earth Repair Shop?

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