About the Earth Repair Shop

The Earth Repair Shop was first opened back in April 2021 by ICECATS (Ilfracombe Climate Emergency Community Action Team,) with the aim and ethos of reducing the amount of waste produced in the local community, better understanding and application of recycling and encouraging actions such as growing veg, fruit and herbs, and how to do so in small spaces if residents do not have a garden. 

WE want to foster an understanding that We're all part of a community, that we are not on our own. It's not about personal choice or personal being; it's about community experience, improving the place we live in, and making everybody happier. Connecting with nature has proven to be good for improving psychological wellbeing. The presence of the shop as a community hub sends a message that Ilfracombe realises we have a problem, both globally and locally, and that we want to do something about it.

Once a bakery, the shop now serves as an advice centre for the town, offering education and demonstrations showing how easy it can be; every day changes like better recycling can make a difference. When things are difficult, and when people feel alone, it can be a challenge, but to have a community promoting this ideal, is our central premise.



TIA joined the ERS in SEPTEMBER 2022 as the new campaigns and premises manager. She has a background in COMMUNICATIONS AND EVENTS, and also moonlights as a poet, musician, and yoga teacher.

tia is passionate about engaging people with the environmental crisis we are currently facing, as a planet and as a species, and working to protect the natural environment that we all depend upon to thrive and survive. She runs our shop, plans the campaigns, and manages our website and social media channels.


Netti got involved with the climate emergency movement after the damning IPCC report in 2018. SHE had PREVIOUSLY volunteered with the sustainable living campaign group, Trans-Send, now KNOWN AS Greener Ilfracombe.

NETTI IS keen to see our town free of litter, reducing the waste we produce, and reusing or repurposing items. "The Earth Repair Shop is a focus for action to improve our environment whilst reducing costs, promoting our community and reducing the town’s carbon footprint."


Sophia mugshot copy

Sophie ‘blew in’ to Ilfracombe in spring 2016; literally running for the green hills away from the stress and pollution of The Big City! After a long career in communications and climate change campaigning, it wasn’t long before she met many like-minded new friends in Ilfracombe.

In 2019 they formed a local climate action group: Ilfracombe Climate Emergency Community Action Team (ICECAT), then early in 2021 they set up The Earth Repair Shop. 

"I love Ilfracombe, and am proud to play a role in helping our coastal community to play an active role in helping nature to recover. Together, we can make a real difference!"

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