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Our ‘Pledge for the Planet’ campaign, aims to inspire and help local households to make one or more of six pledges to help nature to recover in our area.
As an accredited business partner of North Devon Biosphere, our campaign mirrors the organisation’s ‘Nature Recovery’ campaign and ‘Pledge for Nature’ programme, honing it to the specific challenges facing Ilfracombe as a coastal community and a burgeoning holiday resort.  

April 2022 - april 2023 pLEDGES

There are six possible pledges to complete, all of which you are encouraged to accomplish and continue to adopt in the drive to live a greener, cleaner lifestyle. We encourage you to take photographs of yourself/your family completing the pledges, (as well as perhaps making notes about what you've achieved), to send to us via email or social media, so that we can confirm completion and send you your pledge badge to add to your window display. You have until the following April to complete all your pledges before we release next year's set. 

  1. Wildflower Warrior: scatter some British wildflowers in pots, in your outdoor space, or as part of one of our community events, to earn your wildflower warrior badge
  2. Say No to Single-Use: lessen your purchases of single-use plastics by using your own bags, taking refill tubs to local shops, buying loose produce and simply leaving the single-use on the shelf
  3. Feet Over Fuel: show us that feet are better than fossil fuels by walking to work or school wherever possible. It's good your health and the planet's!
  4. Meat-Free Mealtimes: swap out the meat at certain mealtimes during the week and boast your veggie/vegan delicacies. We're not saying you must go meat-free completely, but show us that you're cutting down for the planet
  5. Litter Picker Hero: pick up plastic as you walk the beaches or streets, join a locally organised picking event or start one of your own! Don't forget to take snaps of your cleans to earn your picker badge
  6. Bellies not Bins: actively reduce your food waste and limit what goes to landfill by savvy shopping (also saves you money), following some of our upcoming waste-reduction recipes, or perhaps composting your leftovers
To earn your badge, please send us images and updates of you/your family carrying out your Pledge for the Planet during the months, to or to our Instagram/Facebook accounts, detailing which pledge you are working towards. For example, it could be a photo of you planting your wildflower seeds, followed by another image when they have grown and are in bloom, or perhaps some regular updates via email on how you're finding walking to work or school instead of driving. We will do regular shout outs of our pledge stars across our social media! Once complete, you can either pick up your badge from the shop or we will post it to you at a covered cost.
When you sign up to Pledge for the Planet you will receive an eco-friendly window sticker to show your neighbours that you are an Earth Repairer. As you complete your pledges you can add each badge to your window sticker and display the difference you are making to the town and the planet. If you complete all six of the year's pledges you will be entered into a prize draw to win some eco gifts!
A community for the planet, for a change.
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Whether it's helping us out at events, manning the shop on a Saturday, dropping in for beach cleans or litter picks, or even planting a tree or two, we rely on our amazing volunteers to keep us going! Send us a message if you'd like to volunteer with us and join our existing dedicated crew!
Keep an eye on our News & Events page for upcoming activities you could get involved in or sign up here to let us know you want to get onboard!
Organised cleans

Work experience

If you're aged 15 and above and want to gain experience in the environmental community work that we do at the shop, drop us an email!
Send a message to
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Do you have innovative ideas that you think could help your community to be greener? Why not drop us a message or pop into the shop during opening hours? We value every voice and are constantly striving to better the facilities and opportunities available to our local area.

We believe in doing it together, for a change.


You don't need to wait for an organised event to get out into nature and do something for the planet. Just simply being in nature has been proven to improve your mental and physical health. So why not do one of our Pledges (above) while you're out and about?
We believe in doing it together, for a change.